Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shara's Journey

Yesterday's quote of the day on courage inspired me to share the story about one person and her courageous journey.

Shara Enay had a pretty close to a perfect life here in Hawaii.  She had a blossoming career in news as a writer for Hawaii Business.  She had a weekly segment on the KHON morning news.  She kicked my butt every week in kickboxing and weightlifting class at Honolulu Club.  And she just got engaged.

And then she went on a trip and everything changed.

Shara's company offers this incredible program that sends some of their employees throughout the world  to volunteer and experience different cultures (How cool is that? I think if more companies offered programs like that, the world would be a better place).  She spent two weeks in Ethiopia with the non-government organization, Global Health Network International and had a "life-changing" experience.

Here's the story of her first adventure in Ethiopia (in two parts):

So what is Shara doing now?

This, to me, is the incredible part of the story.  Three months after returning home from Ethiopia, Shara resigned from her job, packed up her safe, comfortable life in Hawaii and moved to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.  She's volunteering with an orphanage for children with HIV or who have lost parents to HIV.

I am blown away by Shara's courage on so many levels.  I think it's easy to say we want to do something, go someplace, change something.  Shara actually did it.  Twice.
I am also inspired by how she listened to her heart and to her calling.  How often do we quiet that little voice because what it's whispering "isn't practical" or "isn't safe" or "isn't something anyone would understand"?  Shara honored her spirit.  That is true courage.

Shara, you are my hero!

Please check out her blog and follow her courageous journey in Ethiopia.


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