Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivation Monday- Never Give Up

Today's Motivation Monday is the story of world-class sprinter, Derek Redmond, and his 400 meter race in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Derek had prepared for this moment his entire life.  He was favored to win the event.  He took an early lead in the race, and then the unexpected happened.  What he did in the face of disappointment was courageous and truly inspiring.
Here's what I love about this video: first, Derek's unyielding commitment to finish what he had set out to do in the face of ultimate disappointment.

How many times do we suffer setbacks or failures and just quit?  I think of all the times something far more minor has not gone my way - not getting the promotion I really wanted, having my ideas shot down, or having my heart broken, and how instead of finishing the race, I just walked off the field.  I can't even imagine the devastation he must have felt in that moment when he realized his dreams were dashed, but he had the courage to finish.

It's not about what happens, but how we deal with it. 

I truly believe it was the single decision to finish the race that paved the way for him to look back on this moment and see the positive (not to mention pave the way for his successful public speaking career), compared with a world of regret and despair that might have happened if he didn't.

Second, his dad running onto the field to help his son was immensely powerful.  He was literally a shoulder for his son to lean on.  We all sometimes need that person that will break through security to help us, even if we aren't asking for help.  I am a fiercely independent person and I generally fight to do everything on my own.  I am learning that it is not only important to cultivate and nurture relationships with people in my life that will be there for me in tough times, but also to be that shoulder to lean on.

How do you deal when things don't go your way?

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