Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power of Thank You

Have you ever wanted to say thank you to someone, but for some reason, held back?
I definitely have.
Part of it is not wanting to be embarrassed, part of it is not wanting to out myself out there.
Regardless of the reason, when I think about it now, it's pretty ridiculous.

In her 3-minute talk, Dr. Laura Trice suggests we say thank you, and she suggests that we asks for the things we need.

Today, why don't you thank someone sincerely?


I wanted to take this chance to thank YOU for being the best blog audience ever!
What started out as a blog that I wasn't sure anyone would ever see, to hitting 20,000 page views today!
Thank you, sincerely, for checking out Inspiration Cupcake again and again and for your insightful comments and support.


  1. I Love it. I have noticed that some people see gratitude as a weakness. So they choose to look away when you hold the door open for them, or you offer them your seat. Gratitude is a gateway to a better society and a true sense of community. So, I thank you for your blog. See you out in the field :)

    1. I think you're totally on to something when you say that gratitude is the gateway to a better society. It's definitely the gateway to happiness ;) Thank *you* for your comment and for reading my blog!